Hi, my name is Larry Helms. Thank you for your interest in my Holy Spirit Visions blog. My Christian walk started when I was born again at about 16 yrs. of age (1957), then baptized in the Holy Spirit (1977).

I was given my first vision from the Holy Spirit while attending a men’s christian weekend (Cursillo) in 1978, on my birthday. Since that time I began recording these Holy Spirit visits (visions) and began illustrating them many years ago.

These visions are messages from the Holy Spirit. They are primarily forthtelling–edification–for the body of Christ here on Earth. Many of these messages reveal what God is like, many are given to let the Church know Him, and that He is always with us.

Kathy, my wife is our proof reader and editor. Kathy was born of the Spirit 3 days before me. Kathy has a 4 year Bachelor degree  in Theological Studies.



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