CHOOSE (Whom you will serve)



Hosea 4:12 ” They consult a wooden idol and are answered by a stick of wood. A spirit of prostitution leads them astray; they are unfaithful to their God.”

The Scene: a modern wood carving–representing an idol of today, consulted by unbelievers in the one true God. NOTE: The black haze surrounding the idol represents the evil spirits, sin, and spiritual darkness–blocking the light of Jesus, waiting to indwell someone.

Numbers 33:52 “When you cross the Jordan into Canaan drive out all the inhabitants of the land before you. Destroy all their carved images and their cast idols, and demolish all their high places.”

On the plains of Moab, by the Jordan River, God spoke to Moses:

Numbers 33:53 “Take possession of the land and settle in it, for I have given you the land to possess.”

As professing Christians, when saved, we cross over from death unto eternal life.Likewise, the Christian must discard any idols they possess and turn their lives over to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

1 Corinthians 10:14 ” Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry.”

Anything that takes us away from God is some form of idolatry…..for our God is a jealous God. Our allegiance is to King Jesus, the giver of eternal life to come.


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