Deuteronomy 27:4-9 “And when you have crossed the Jordan, set up these stones on Mount Ebal, as I command you today, and coat them with plaster. Build there an altar to the Lord your God, an altar of stones. Do not use any iron tool upon them. Build the altar of the Lord your God with fieldstones and offer burnt offerings on it to the Lord your God. Sacrifice fellowship offerings there, eating them and rejoicing in the presence of the Lord your God. And you shall write very clearly all the words of this law on these stones you have set up.”

The Scene: The altar built to the Lord, of natural stones and set one upon the other with grout in between the stones.

A felllowship offering was then presented to the Lord* *See: Leviticus 7:11-27; A description of how the altar was to be built and the sacrifice to be eaten, in God’s presence.

The fellowship offering of thanksgiving provided to the people by Father God was given by the priest, back to God virtually, and then shared by that priest with God’s people.

Exodus 20:24 “Make an altar of earth for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, your sheep and goats and your cattle. Wherever I cause my name to be honored I will come to you and bless you.”

Father God gave His people rules for their own good, bringing blessings to those who choose to honor and serve Him. So give God your best and He will give you His best–His Son, Jesus Christ, Savior.

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